Scientific Manufacturing cc is a family run business which specialises in manufacturing of Laboratory Test Equipment and Light duty stainless steel engineering.

The business was started by Wilf Rowley in 1971. It was a one-man business and run from his garage at home. His wife, Margaret Rowley, later joined him in the business and was responsible for the administrative work. He had previously worked in the laboratory test equipment market for 10 years, first with Baird & Tatlock and then with B.Owen Jones. The knowledge which he aquired was carried over with him to Scientific Manufacturing. Wilf Rowley has since retired and handed the business over to his children.

There are four members and each one plays an important role in the running of the business with six other staff members.

Peter Rowley joined his father in 1984 and is responsible for developing and manufacturing most of the specialised once-off type of equipment.

David Rowley joined his father in 1985 and is responsible for most of the standard type equipment which is manufactured, eg ovens, incubators, waterbaths, etc.

Susan Lee joined her father in 1995 when Margaret Rowley retired and is responsible for the administrative work.

Shawn Beneke joined the business in 1996 and is responsible for developmental work and refrigeration systems.

Although Scientific Manufacturing has a comprehensive product range, specialised equipment can be developed in conjunction with client's to suit their personal needs and specifications.